Mason Pierre McKan
July 13, 2011-January 26, 2012

A little bit about our Angel Mason…

On July 13th, 2011 @ 5:00pm, we met the most precious, beautiful, and perfect gift from God. Mason Pierre McKan was born and our life, as we had dreamed it, was complete. He seemed to be the piece of the puzzle that made our world whole. From the moment I locked eyes with him and saw his beautiful, smiling face, I was reminded again about how deep a mother’s love truly is. As I held him in my arms for the first time, I made a promise to him that day, that I would protect him, nurture him, and love him my entire life through.

Every single morning we woke up to his precious smiling face and every night as we’d lay him down for bed, he’d stare up at us with his beautiful, sparkling blue eyes, and that same perfect smile with the tiny little dimple on his left cheek. I know as his mother, I should be a little biased anyway, but I literally uttered the words “you are the most amazing little boy I’ve ever met” and “Mommy & Daddy are so lucky to have you” to Mason every single day. He truly was an angel sent here by God. We spent 6 months and 13 days together and they were the greatest of all time. I can’t tell you what his cry sounded like because he never cried! He was just perfect in every way, both inside and out. My heart can now only imagine what kind of man he would have become someday. His little life was cut way too short to ever know.

On Thursday January 26th, 2012 our perfect world came crashing down as we received word that our precious angel had gone to Heaven. As I held him in my arms that day, for the very last time, I made another promise to him. I promised him that I would never let anyone forget his precious face or his infectious smile. I promised that I would live out the rest of my life making sure that his life made a difference to as many wonderful people as possible. I promised that I would say his name every single day and every single night, and that his big sister Olivia would always know and love her little brother Mason.

Mason has brought so many people together and has given us strength and courage to realize the true meaning of friendship, love, charity, and community. So many of my family members; so many friends; and even many perfect strangers, have reiterated that our son, Mason Pierre McKan, taught more lessons of life, love, and kindness to more people in this community in his short 6 ½ months, than most will teach in a full lifetime. His perfect smile, his innocent boyish grin, his spirit, and his precious ways made you stop and appreciate each moment and just being near him warmed your heart. Mason, we will NEVER forget you…NEVER.