*Rules subject to change prior to Tournament*

ALL GAMES will start at their scheduled times and THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD!



– 20-minute halves running clock…..clock stops LAST TWO MINUTES of each GAME.
– Halftime will be 2 minutes. Amount of time for pregame warmups depends on the game before you (Games will start ON TIME). On
average teams will probably be given between 2-3 minutes to warm up, so arrive early to get loose and STRETCH.
– 2 point shooting fouls will yield 2 foul shots….3 point shooting fouls will yield 3 foul shots.
– Each technical foul will result in 2 free throws and the ball. 2 technicals will result in ejection from the game (techs count as personals too). 3 technicals over the course of the tournament and the player will be removed from the tournament.
– Each player is allowed 5 personal fouls. 7 team fouls will result in a one and one and 10 team fouls will result in 2 foul shots
– 1st Overtime is a 2 minute overtime….2nd overtime is sudden death. IF fouled on a shooting foul in overtime the player must make the free throw to end the game. IF fouled on the floor, the player must make the front end of the one-and-one to end the game. All overtime fouls will be one-and-done.


Top 2 teams in each division will make the playoff round. Tiebreakers to determine playoffs:
1. Head to Head
2. Point Differential (a forfeit will count as a 10 point win)
3. Points allowed

– If we have 3 teams within a division that are 2-1 and one team 0-3, this means it will come down to point differential since you will all have beaten each other…..So play hard the entire game!!

– In determining playoff seeding, it will come down to:
1. record
2. head to head
3. point differential
4. points allowed
5. coin flip

If we have (for example) three teams that are 3-0, they will be seeded 1 to 3 based on their point differential first, and points allowed second. If they are still tied we will go to a coin flip.


– Everyone must wear the team jersey provided, for the duration of the tournament. Team players will be assigned a Team Sponsor to be selected by the Mase Madness Committee members. These jerseys will be handed out at check-in on the 1st day of the tournament so please plan to arrive early enough to provide time for jersey distribution.