This July 13th would be Mason’s 1st birthday, and would be a time of huge celebration, marking the milestone of his birth and so many other milestones along the way. This year, instead of throwing a 1st birthday party, it is our goal to present to our community, The 1st Annual “Mason McKan Basketball Tournament”.

This tournament will serve many purposes. The most personal, of course, is to help our family to continue to heal, and to help us embrace the idea of our memories becoming happier and increasingly more positive for every thought of our angel Mason. An event like this will help us look forward to honoring our son every year, in a positive and giving manner.

By way of this annual tournament, Mason’s name and memory will also serve to help continue and extend to our community, the concepts of love, caring, and doing for others. The funds raised at each tournament will be put into the “Mason P. McKan Benevolence Fund, Inc.” to help underprivileged children pursue their dreams of athletic and personal success by making funds available to them to attend BX Strength and Training.

Mason has brought so many people together and has given us strength and courage to realize the true meaning of friendship, love, charity, and community. So many of my family members; so many friends; and even many perfect strangers, have reiterated that our son, Mason Pierre McKan, taught more lessons of life, love, and kindness to more people in this community, and others, than most will teach in a lifetime. His perfect smile, his innocent boyish grin, his spirit, and his precious ways made you stop and appreciate each moment and just being near him warmed your heart.

I truly believe in my heart, that in making this annual basketball tournament a reality, we will all benefit individually, as will our community as a whole. I hope that you will all join together with us to move his memory forward for this very worthwhile cause. Thank you.